Your favourite pop-girl-band XVK was invited by the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre to select their top 10 dance videos. A showcase in the style of a retro MTV countdown tv show, XVK presents: XVKtv Ultimate Top 10 Countdown!, a special selection of short films from the CFMDC archives. Hosted by the members of XVK, your favourite idols as VJs bring you fun commentary and short reviews of ten hot videos straight out of the CFMDC archives. This pre-recorded tv show features cute cute graphics and playful staging for an uplifting art viewing.

  • XVK Collective

Works by: Mikiki, M3RM41D Charuvi Agrawal, 10th Avatar Sabrina Budiman, Preslee Anna Linder, 13 Related Sewing Machines Francesca Nocera & Ayo Leilani Jamilah Malika & Alejandra Higuera, ABSTRACT RANDOM “COWBOY” feat. ILL NANA DiverseCity Dance Company Zehra Gokcimen & Gokce Oraloglu, REBIRTH Alexis Mitchell, Rubb My Chubb Emily Pelstring, Doing My Rounds, Checking Some Rounds Paula Durette, Booty Dance

32 Lisgar Street Toronto ON Canada M6J 0C9

Monday - Thursday / 10:00 - 18:00

(416) 588 - 0725

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