The six films in this program address what it is like to exist as trans and/or Two-Spirit (2S) outside of large cities. Shifting between experimental autobiographical narratives and documentary works, STILL (,) HERE intimately explores the fluctuating relationships we have as humans trying to navigate our lives with external forces constantly reminding us of our otherness.

The documentary focus of the screening is gently disrupted by Kennlin Barlow’s allegorical and poetic compilation Above a Grey/Green Sea. This work, which is not (yet) in CFMDC’s catalogue, beautifully emphasizes the importance of stillness and looking to our surroundings when it comes to identity formation.

Trans and 2S subjects are continually portrayed by dominant culture as struggling through physical and emotional journeys, always moving, always trying to get to a different and perceived better place. This screening is my first attempt at locating trans and 2S filmmakers/narratives that place an emphasis on something beyond stereotypical transition narratives, beyond justifying our existence.

  • B.G-Osborne

Program Still: Above a Grey/Green Sea by Kennlin Barlow

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