Mourning Rituals During a Pandemic

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Intergenerational LGBT Artist Residency

Mourning Matters: according to Indigenous scholar and activist Poka Laenui’s groundbreaking manifesto “Processes of Decolonization,” mourning is one of the most essential of the five phases of decolonization and healing from the affects of colonization, preceded by “recovery” of Indigenous knowledges and followed by the “dreaming” phase of decolonization. Join Alec Butler and Rahim Thawer for an evening of short films exploring queer grief in the midst of a global pandemic. We as queer people have a history of being denied occasions to publicly mourn losing our lovers and friends, in the past this was a painful reality of the AIDS pandemic. Decolonizing death and mourning are an important part of coming to terms with the past and dreaming towards a decolonized futurity that must be created as part of global recovery from this latest pandemic.

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Monday - Thursday / 10:00 - 18:00

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