DIS/able: Dismantling Ableist Filmmaking .... a DIY Extravaganza!

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Taking the idea of 'DIS/able' – Dismantling ableism within mainstream filmmaking. DIS/Able will be showcasing how "dis"abled filmmakers subvert the film-making process to be more inclusive of their accessibility needs. Filmmaking as a whole should be more accessible to people like us but somehow it continues to not be.

Acknowledging that film-making is expensive, hard, takes a lot of energy, gruelling even on able bodied people. Furthermore it's history is steeped in colonization, patriarchal relations and white supremacy. DIS/able looks to remedy this by telling a completely different narrative on film-making.

I feel like film-making as a form is actually very inclusive, more about community and advocacy. I think it says a lot that there is a lack of disability representation out there despite how accessible technology has become. The goal of this panel is to show how accessible film-making IS, and help re-imagine a future were we are at the table leading and guiding a more equitable, inclusive and decolonized way of making films.

I was hoping by curating a panel of genius DIY filmmakers and deconstructing their process that it would help inspire more undiscovered filmmakers to the table and inspire mentorship programs to target under served populations.

  • Jaene Castrillon

Program Still: My Bones Bleached White by Catherine Jones

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