Mourning During a Pandemic


Apr 8, 12:00 AM - May 1, 03:45 AM


Alec Butler


Rahim Thawer

Mourning Matters: according to Indigenous scholar and activist Poka Laenui’s groundbreaking manifesto “Processes of Decolonization,” mourning is one of the most essential of the five phases of decolonization and healing from the affects of colonization, preceded by “recovery” of Indigenous knowledges and followed by the “dreaming” phase of decolonization.

Join Alec Butler and Rahim Thawer for a discussion in response to the curated screening Mourning Rituals During a Pandemic. We as queer people have a history of being denied occasions to publicly mourn losing our lovers and friends, in the past this was a painful reality of the AIDS pandemic. Decolonizing death and mourning are an important part of coming to terms with the past and dreaming towards a decolonized futurity that must be created as part of global recovery from this latest pandemic.

This discussion is moderated by "The Breadth Of" Project Manager, Mikiki.

About Rahim Thawer:

Rahim Thawer is a clinical social worker and psychotherapist who has lived and worked in Toronto (or Tkaronto) for most of his life and currently lives in Winnipeg (or Treaty One Territory). He provides psychotherapy and consulting services, along with clinical supervision in his private practice. He's a Sessional Lecturer at the University of Toronto and does community organizing work with Salaam Canada--a national LGBTQ Muslim organization. His approaches to psychotherapy, teaching, and community development continually consider and examine the intersections of systemic oppression and mental health. His most recent full-day training for service providers was entitled, Same Labels, Different Determinants, which explores shame, body image, substance use, and relationships as specific determinants of queer men's mental health.

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