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Apr 11, 01:00 PM - 04:00 PM

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Back in 20 mins is an invitation to examine a world of possibilities within our present spatial, social, emotional, and physical capacities. In its format, this pluridisciplinary online program includes a collaborative SoundCloud playlist, a written contribution, and a screening program that draws on the collective desire to mentally check-out, stretch one's body, tag along for a long drive, and meaningfully connect with our environment and other beings. Some questions guiding my curatorial discourse are: what kind of psychological latitude is provided through the unfolding of familiar and foreign spaces? What is the relationship between music, wanderlust, and emotional resonance? What are the musings or the memories we recall when going on a stroll?

Works featured:

Experiments in Light by Jaene Castrillon (Canada / 2:52 / 2016)

This short explores light as a meditative state while encouraging the viewer to take a moment to be present within themselves. Taking footage from my narrative self portrait A Celebration of Darkness (2015) and recutting it to refocus on the various macro shots of crystals as an expansion on the theme of light and darkness.

The images in this short was made possible by the LIFT/ImagineNATIVE 16 mm Film Mentorship in 2015, it's post production was funded by the Ontario Arts Council Access and Development grant in 2016 and completed as part of my Media Artist in Residence with Workman Arts in 2015/2016.

mâsikîskâpoy by Megan Feheley (2021), documentation of this project by Juan Angel

“mâsikîskâpoy” contemplates what occurs when access to land and knowledge transference between generations is interrupted by colonization. Tobacco ties are frozen in ice, suspended from a chain, above a blanket of cedar boughs. The work melts and seeps into the space, calling into being a collaboration with land and time; questioning repeatedly how to heal a rupture such as the colonial legacies intergenerational trauma has inflicted on Indigenous people. mâsikîskâpoy also articulates this anxiety in the face of climate collapse, another arm of ongoing colonial violence, and a common theme throughout Feheley’s practice.

Explorations of an Unexpected Time Traveler by Christina Battle

Explorations of an Unexpected Time Traveler imagines a narrative where a woman from some undisclosed point in the past experiences continual unexplained and uncontrollable shifts in time and space. Suddenly finding herself in unfamiliar spaces, seemingly devoid of other people, she explores the various regions recording her discoveries through moving image, sound recordings and photographs along the way.

Shot in various cities & counties in Alberta; Colorado; and Yukon Territory.

Conceived while in Dawson City, Yukon Territory while an Artist in Residence at the Klondike Institute for Art and Culture (KIAC), March 2013.

being who you are there is no other by Jessica Karuhanga (15m / 2017)

being who you are there is no other is a visual and sonic poem that meditates on wildness through the intuitive movements of two Black bodies. In the words of Gil Scott Heron, “the blues was built on the American wilderness.” However,  the longstanding presence of Blackness in Canada is often disavowed and ignored. There is what Katherine McKittrick has called the "absented-presence" of Blackness here in the wild. Who paints the imagined landscapes here literally and figuratively? Who gets to revel here? In what ways can Blackness as urbanity be called into question? This poem seeks to unhinge the pervasive imagination. In this two-channel video installation Black bodies enact gestures in response to one another, the temporalities they occupy, and a third unseen body. Their undulating movements call us forth to an alterity or elsewhere in moments of grief and despair.

Program still: by Jessica Karuhanga

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