Abolition Film Society


Apr 30, 12:30 AM - 01:30 AM


Kristin Li

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Abolition Film Society shares films with prisoners.

Short works from the CFMDC archive have been chosen for incarcerated participants based on their interests, and distributed within the limitations of the prison system: stills sent by mail, audio played on the phone, and low quality video clips transmitted via a for-profit online communication platform.

During this presentation, Kristin Li will present the process of constructing this program, how films were sent into prisons and barriers faced such as participants getting transferred without warning, materials being rejected, and inability to be added to people’s phone list. Further, how creative solutions arose, and the already existing network of prisoner solidarity organizers relaying messages and packages.

Kristin will also share the film reviews from incarcerated participants, and documentation of strategies for circumventing barriers imposed by prison administrations.

This presentation will be facilitated by Mikiki.

Abolition Film Society is a collaboration with Prisoner Correspondence Project, a Montreal-based solidarity program for LGBTQ+ prisoners across Canada and the United States.

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