SoJin Chun

soJin Chun is a Toronto-based artist working in video and installation. Chun's experience living in the Korean diaspora in Bolivia and Canada influences her work, which looks at the idiosyncratic moments of everyday life in its inconclusive and contradictory nature. Chun is interested in telling narratives that emerge in-between cultures in contemporary times. soJin has participated in several artist residencies. Most recently, she was an artist-in-residence at MAWA in Winnipeg, Canada. Through these participatory residencies, soJin has developed a collaborative art practice to investigate local narratives of political struggles in Latin America from communities fighting to overcome the effects of colonization and globalization. She has been in artist residencies in Serbia, Bolivia, Brazil, Taiwan and Canada. Chun has participated in video screening and exhibitions in Bolivia, Brazil, France, Sweden, Germany, Spain, South Africa, Taiwan and the U.S. She has also screened her work in Berlin (Germany), Paris (France), Brussels (Belgium), Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Santiago (Chile). soJin's video works are represented by GIV (Montreal), CFMDC (Toronto) and V-Tape (Toronto). Chun has a B.A. in Applied Arts from Ryerson University and a Masters in Communications and Culture from Ryerson/York Universities.

32 Lisgar Street Toronto ON Canada M6J 0C9

Monday - Thursday / 10:00 - 18:00

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