Oliver Husain

Oliver Husain is a filmmaker and interdisciplinary artist based in Toronto. Husain’s projects often begin with fragment of history, a rumor, a personal encounter or a distant memory. He uses a wide range of cinematic languages and visual pleasures — such as dance, puppetry, costume, and special effects — to animate his research and charm or fold the viewers into complex narrative set-ups. Recently, his stereoscopic film installation "Isla Santa Maria 3D" (2016), imagining a queer utopia on the remnants of colonialism, was shown internationally. "DNCB" is an ongoing collaboration with Berlin based artist Kerstin Schroedinger investigating the history of alternative HIV treatments, shown as a lecture performance, video installation and 16mm film.

32 Lisgar Street Toronto ON Canada M6J 0C9

Monday - Thursday / 10:00 - 18:00

(416) 588 - 0725

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