Maria Teresa Larrain

Chilean-Canadian filmmaker Maria Teresa Larrain is a graduate of the Radio and Television Arts Program at Ryerson University in Toronto. She has participated in numerous screenings and programs throughout her career including the Sundance Film Institute (USA), Allan King's Documentary Studio and the Canadian Film Centre in Toronto. Maria Teresa Larraín’s one hour films include: Bitter Love (1988), Passionate involvement (2000), Looking for Findley (2000) and Dolores (2002). Between 2003 and 2005 she started shooting two feature-length films: Don’t Part Without Saying Goodbye, the story of a Chilean photographer who “disappeared” during the dictatorship, and Besieged Land, a dispute between two neighbors that culminates in one of the most emblematic trials in Chilean history. In 2007, while finalizing the edit on Besieged Land, the director started to lose her sight and although she was able to complete this film, she could not finish Don't Part Without Saying Goodbye. Shadow Girl (2016), praised as "a highly experimental film", follows the director’s journey into blindness. This personal documentary sheds a brutally honest perspective on the filmmaker’s passage, poetically revealed through an emotionally charged visual palette. This theme of vision loss is explored in Beyond the Shadows (2017), an interactive documentary that seeks different ways to look and see through sound, touch and memory. Today, while bringing the accessible version of Shadow Girl to blind and deaf audiences and people with functional disabilities in Chile, Canada and Costa Rica, María Teresa is in development on The Colour of Blindness, an experimental documentary that follows five Chilean activists during a social explosion and a constituent process they hope will change their lives. She has also returned to her earlier work, Don’t Part Without Saying Goodbye, which she hopes to complete with the Colour of Blindness in 2023.

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